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Serving your community since 2005
   LDS Renovations, Inc. has the knowledge and expertise to assist you with all your interior/exterior home improvement needs. We have over 23 years of experience in the remodeling industry so you can rest assured that all your expectations and requirements will be met without giving up value pricing. We specialize in glass replacement.  We also install windows, doors, siding and more. We provide all of our customers with a strong combination of top quality products, timely execution and excellent customer service. 

"The employer does not pay the wages. The employer handles the money, the customer pays the wages"
     Henry Ford


We use only the highest quality double strength glass and high performance spacer bands.  These bands offer less conductivity and energy transfer through the glass which all but eliminates condensation around the perimeter of the window sash and glass confluence.


 Many companies use 1/16” single strength glass panes sealed together with an unpredictable seal band such as “swiggle” seal.  These inferior seal bands do not hold up to the rigors of the elements and changing temperatures.  Eventually, the seal will fail and you’re right back where you started.  Our glass is comprised of double strength 1/8” panes and sealed with a high performance band as well as hi-tech adhesive compounds to ensure they will withstand the hands of time and the wrath of Mother Nature.  We offer a 10 year transferable glass unit seal failure product warranty on all of our insulated glass units.


The glass within your window sashes is all that stands between you and the elements.  Why risk poor performance or even worse, a leaking window.  Make sure the glass you put in your home will stand the test of time..

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